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Summer festival fireworks! (tumblr won’t let me upload it)

tumblr is being an assbutt about uploading this

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Lord of the Rings Online used to be a wickedly awesome game to play, but it was next to impossible to grief or annoy anyone. One night, I had a crazy idea that just might work. These are the photos and tale of one rather enjoyable evening.

As a max level hunter, I had grown bored with repeating dungeons and killing for no reward other than money. Feeling nostalgic for my early days, I returned to Thorin’s Gate, the starter zone for dwarves and elves. 

While walking around, I spotted a young dwarf. He was only level eight- a mere babe. He ran from mining deposit to mining deposit, trying to get as much ore as possible to sell. While digging for some copper, he was attacked by a wicked hendrovale. Hendrovale, which resemble demented ravens, can kill you with a few pecks of their dagger-like beaks if you are not careful.

I burst into action, drawing my bow and slotting an arrow to the string. With one bold shot, I killed the foul bird and saved the unwary dwarf.

"Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone," I told him, hoping to make his journey through the dangerous realm of Thorin’s Gate a little safer. "You are protected."

He turned to me questioningly and spoke the words that set my devious little mind into fits of joy, “Me not protected okay.”

Poor grammar? Target acquired. He had to be a gold farmer. A role player would have thrown insults at a high level elf hunter lurking in the starter zone. Someone going for a pleasure cruise at night in the middle of eel infested waters would have ignored me.

I watched as he found the next stickleback. He drew closer to the target, battle ax held aloft to begin the battle. I threw a quick shot at the poor creature, killing it in one blow and stealing any XP Morigromor may have obtained.

"That beast would have killed you," I warned. "It’s a good thing I am here to protect you in this vast wilderness."

"you help me ok stop plz plz plz" he begged.

Smiling to myself, I continued to follow him closely. We were never more than three steps apart. After all, I know the skills of ‘Find the Path’ and can travel 3% faster than other classes.

"You shall not die while I live!" I promised.

In desperation, he ran up stairs, down mountainsides, into rivers and through snowy peaks in an attempt to get rid of me. Poor dwarf. Didn’t he realize that elves are fleet of foot and excellent trackers? Loosing me would be nigh impossible.

"you not a protected a me okay."

I decided this confused dwarf may need even more help in this lonely world. “Can I adopt you?” I offered. I wanted him to be my son and I would give him my protection for the remainder of his short, hairy life.

"What adopt?" Poor soul didn’t even know what adoption was. Truly, he needed my guidance.

After a lengthy explanation, he refused and continued to run. In a last act of desperation, he stopped and logged out.

Oh, yes. I had him right where I wanted him! He thinks he can get rid of me by logging out and vanishing? Silly little man. I am an elf hunter; we can camouflage and have learned patience. Blending in with my surroundings, I lay still and waited.

Gradually, he reappeared from the ether in which he had hoped to find escape. Turning around slowly, he surveyed the area for my presence. Seeing nothing and deeming it safe, he began looking for another hendrovale to attack or ore deposit to loot.

"Welcome back," I greeted as I stepped from my hiding place.

He screamed in frustration and ran into Thorin’s Hall. Perhaps he hoped to find aid with his kinsmen. Alas, I am well known in Thorin’s hall and beloved by the great Dwalin, current lord of the dwarves.

Thinking to put on a show and welcome him to the hall of his kinsfolk, I performed many glorious dances and handstands.

"sorry me not me okay and not help me okay stop plz plz stop plz okay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I guess he doesn’t like athletic displays.

At this point, Maedhroz, my husband, called me home for a romantic evening by the fire. I changed from my pirate gear and left the little dwarf to himself. To this day, I do not know what happened of dear Morigromor. I hope he grew into a strong warrior but fear he was unable to survive the attacks of orcs and goblins.

that was a beautiful tale of love and heartache, separation and blissful reunions o’: i laughed, i cried, i cried while laughing.

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it’s another ugly robe. B|

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Just a heads up for those interested, the lotro store (ingame) is having a sale on the Helm’s Deep expansion. It’s 50% off until the 17th (so it comes out to 2148 TP, at least that’s what my email confirmation said I just paid for it).

:DDDDDD -waves goodbye to money- -but only half as much money-

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Nâr-khelab - The Heart of Fire

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Gwingris, Eregion.


Gwingris, Eregion.

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